How it Works


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Step 1: Pick your Plan

Create your account and pick your Dinner Daily plan. We have a plan for families and a plan for couples. Plans cost as little as less than $1 a week and pay for themselves over and over again every week. Many of our members save up to 20% of their food costs every week!


Step 2: Select Your Preferences

Pick your menu preference, and your favorite grocery store.  We’ll create your meal plans (and for select store chains, your meal plan will take full advantage of your store specials.) Regardless of where you live, our plans save you a ton of time and money. And don’t worry, you can change your preferences at any time on your Account Settings page!

The Dinner Daily was featured on TV on “Money Savings Mondays”!   CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Step 3: Receive Your Menu & Shopping List

Each week we’ll email your meal plan, shopping list and coupon links right to your inbox based on the schedule linked below. Your plan will reflect your preferences, but you’ll also have access to plans for other area stores on your Member Dashboard (See Demo) and you can instantly change any meal on your plan for another with our “Switch It” feature! (See Demo) And you can view your menu and shopping list on any computer, tablet or even your phone. It’s the most flexible meal planning service anywhere!

See Sample Menu

See Sample Shopping List

Menu Posting Schedule


Step 4: Print Your Coupons

We also provide you with direct links to online coupons for items on your shopping list. On average, we find $6 to $10 each week in coupons helping you save even more! It’s like having your own “Coupon Concierge”!

See sample coupons here.


Step 5: Relax!

All the planning is done for you! Dinners are easy to make (usually 30 minutes or less) healthy and best of all, they taste great! (And did we mention how much money you’ll save?)