5 Ways Peapod Makes Online Grocery Shopping Easy

It is Monday am and if you are trying to get organized for the week ahead, you are probably stressed a bit thinking about what you’ll do for dinners. You also might trying to figure out when you can fit in a trip to the grocery store!

We’ve got good news for you:  If you live in an area serviced by Peapod, you can save yourself the time AND the hassle by eliminating the trip to the store and let Peapod do the shopping for you. And now that The Dinner Daily has partnered with Peapod (read about it here) and have “one click ordering” with our dinner plans, we’ve made it even easier. Our team has been actively using our new Order with Peapod integration and I have to say I am hooked on the convenience!

It is a HUGE time saver for busy people. And I am completely over the “I like to pick out my own produce” thing. I have never had a problem with the produce I receive in my Peapod delivery and for the convenience, I am totally willing to give up that control for the time and stress I save each week. A trade off well worth it!

Peapod has two different options for grocery delivery:

  1. Get all your groceries delivered by Peapod right to your house
  2. Use the Curbside pickup option at select Peapod partner stores (Stop & Shop, Giant, Martins)

You can check to see which of these two options are available to you on the Peapod website.

5 Benefits of Online Groceries by Peapod

If you’re new to Peapod or online grocery shopping, or even if you use Peapod already, here are five things you might not know, that make using Peapod even smarter!

Free Delivery Coupons

Having to pay a delivery fee for your groceries sometimes makes people second guess if it is worth the convenience. As of today, Peapod is offering free delivery for new customers for 60 days so you can give it a try risk free. 

One-Click ordering with The Dinner Daily

The Dinner Daily recently unveiled our new Peapod integration, which allows you to instantly send your Dinner Daily shopping list right to your Peapod shopping cart!  And since our shopping list is editable, you can not only order your dinner items, but also your breakfast and lunch items.   So now you can get your Dinner Daily plan, make adjustments and order the ingredients in a just a few minutes. It couldn’t be easier!  Watch our quick demo video here

Express Shop

You know how frustrating it can be to roam the aisles of a grocery store searching for one elusive ingredient?  Peapod solves that problem with Express Shop, a feature that finds the things for you and from the comfort of your couch!  You just enter  things in the Express Shop box, then click next and Peapod shows you all the options for each thing on your list.  Select one to put it in your cart, then click “next” and walk through your list in less time that it would take to find one thing in a grocery store aisle.

Doubled Coupons

You can still use coupons with Peapod. According to their website, “Peapod doubles manufacturers’ coupons, features hundreds of weekly specials online, and in Stop & Shop and Giant markets, customers earn Gas Rewards and A+ School Rewards with every purchase.” Please look at the Peapod site to see how that works.

Peapod Order Genius
Peapod Order Genius keeps track of your past purchases and auto-fills your cart with the items you buy most frequently. It even recalls shopping history from Stop & Shop and Giant loyalty reward cards. Order Genius combined makes ordering your groceries a task you can complete in just minutes.

So, if you can order your groceries in a few minutes and try Peapod delivery without the delivery fee, what’s holding you back? It’s easy to get started: To link your Dinner Daily account to Peapod, set your store to Stop&Shop, Giant, Martin’s or Peapod (depending on where you live) in your Account Settings area and then you’ll see a “Connect to Peapod” button at the top of your shopping list. Click that to set up a new Peapod account or link it to your existing account. After that, the “Send to Peapod” option will be available to you regardless of what store is your primary Dinner Daily store. Give it a Try!

Try The Dinner Daily This Week

If you’re here, reading this article, you’re probably looking for ways to simplify your life and make dinner easier. Why not give The Dinner Daily a try? You can learn more about how it works here, or simply sign up for a free two-week trial.




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