How It Began

Before The Dinner Daily, my “process” for getting our family dinner on the table was something like this:

Stop at the grocery store on the way home from work on Monday, pick up some chicken, ground beef, maybe some more chicken, pick up a pork roast (who knows what I will do with it!) and then grab a random assortment of vegetables and hope it will all be enough for the week. I drive home still having no idea what is for dinner that night or the next, even though I just spent a big chunk of money on groceries!

Try to come up with some new dinner ideas for my family, but it has to be healthy and it has to be something my kids will eat. After about 40 minutes of looking on line at recipes either I know my kids will not eat (Chicken Morocco with green olives??) or realizing I do not have one of the ingredients (no chicken stock is in the pantry!), I once again admit defeat and go back to the same old chicken recipe we have been having for years. Finding the time to pull a healthy, delicious and affordable dinner together during the week has always been a challenge!

Determined to have a more organized and simplified routine, I decided one cold February snow day to make this dinner time rut and overspending on groceries a thing of the past.  I took my passion for healthy eating and cooking, combined it with my financial skills (in my past life I was a CPA) and designed a system that would make healthy family meal plans easy and affordable.

So the process began. My criteria was simple: the meals had to be healthy, easy to prepare, not too expensive, not include strange ingredients, and most importantly enjoyed by my family. I set a target spend per week and started using the sales flyers from my local grocery store in my planning.  I also pulled in online coupons for items on my weekly list, further adding to the savings. The results? My family loved the variety of the meals, I loved NOT having to stress each day about dinner, my kids were eating the dinners, and our grocery bills were the lowest they had ever been. It worked!

I shared my new found approach with friends and family and in the process realized how many busy families benefited from using our plans.   After many months of cooking and cooking some more, The Dinner Daily was born!

I hope it brings you back to the tradition of family dinners that are happy and healthy!



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