The Dinner Daily Team

Laurin Mills, Founder

Laurin, a mother of three active kids, came up with the idea for The Dinner Daily as a means to end her own weeknight dinner rut.  Laurin believes that dinnertime – whether for a family, a couple or a single person –  should be healthy, delicious and stress-free.

“Too many of us end up getting stressed every evening trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Having an organized plan based around healthy, easy, delicious dinners that don’t cost too much, that BOTH adults and kids will enjoy, is the key to making the ‘dinner time dread’ a thing of the past!”

Prior to founding The Dinner Daily, Laurin had a vibrant career in commercial banking and public accounting.  Laurin also has culinary training from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Cambridge, MA.  She holds a BA from the University of New Hampshire and a  MBA/MS in Accounting from Northeastern University.  Laurin has won numerous  business awards,  has appeared on on NECN’s “Money Saving Mondays” program and has been featured in the “Check it Out” section of the Boston Parents Paper and in Positive Moms Magazine.

Sally Harris, Operations

Sally leads the charge to make The Dinner Daily’s menu, shopping list and coupons easier to use and add new capabilities to the service to make our subscribers’ lives less stressful.

“I have always liked cooking, but after years of producing 6 to 7 dinners every week, I was SO tired of coming up with dinner ideas. It got so bad that when my kids asked “Mom, what’s for dinner?”, I felt mad at them! I wanted to say “Why don’t you come up with an idea?” Then I heard about The Dinner Daily. What heaven to have someone else come up with dinner ideas every night! I was sold and am delighted to be working with The Dinner Daily to provide a solution to the “What’s for Dinner Dilemma”…and to use it myself.”

Prior to joining The Dinner Daily team, Sally’s impressive experience includes companies such as Apple and IBM, and she holds both AB and MBA degrees from Harvard University .

Lisa Dougherty, Business Development

Lisa works with our corporate customers who bring The Dinner Daily’s service to their employees as a wellness initiative.

“Dinner was always a challenge.  Young kids with different food preferences, a traveling husband, and the lack of a plan frequently led to “breakfast for dinner”.  When my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I realized I needed to get organized.  Counting carbs, maximizing proteins, and reducing sugars can get complicated.  Juggling carb counting apps and reading packages is time consuming.  By providing a plan, menu and nutritional information, The Dinner Daily solves my “what’s for dinner dilemma”. 

Prior to The Dinner Daily, Lisa spent the majority of her career at Cardinal Health in a variety of customer facing sales and business development roles and ran the New England sales team for Cardinal’s billion dollar northeast sales division. Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Westfield State University.

Health and fitness is a priority for Lisa.  She is a triathlete and has 6 marathons under her belt.


Randy Corke, Marketing

Randy works to spread the word about The Dinner Daily to the many families and corporate wellness programs that would benefit from it.

“I enjoy cooking and trying new flavors, but never have the time or patience to look for recipes and plan the ingredients. The Dinner Daily has made it easy for my wife and me to eat more healthy, delicious dinners at home and we use it weekly.  I enjoy spreading the word that making dinner doesn’t have to be stressful!  It’s been wonderful hearing similar positive feedback from our new subscribers.”

Randy has worked with a number of successful innovative companies over the past twenty years and has an AB from Middlebury College and MBA from Cornell University .

Jamie Mazur, Technology

Since beginning his coding career in the third grade, Jamie has had a passion for technology and how it can be creatively applied to real-world problems. Now a grown-up with two daughters of his own, he brings his appetite for problem solving to the (Dinner Daily) table!

Jamie has over 17 years of professional experience as a software engineer, architect, and technology executive. He has developed successful commercial products and is named on several web-related patents. Jamie is a Phi Beta Kappa alumnus of Trinity College, where he was named the Presidential Scholar in Computer Science.





Kevin Oye

Kevin is a Professor of Business Strategy at Tufts University, and a highly accomplished business leader with 35 years of experience leading product development, corporate strategy, and merger and acquisition teams. As a board member, company officer, executive, and an engineer, Kevin lead initiatives where new products and technologies drove industry transformations in both startups and large corporations. Kevin was VP of Systems and Technology at Sycamore Networks, Inc. and VP, Strategy and Business Development at Lucent Technologies. He started his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he held various engineering and management positions, including being a member of the founding team that built the flagship enterprise communication system that went on to achieve over $1B/year in revenues.  He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Tufts, and his MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Stewart Sims

Stewart was a senior executive in a number of highly innovative small and medium sized consumer and technology businesses,  including VoiceSignal Technologies, a company that developed speech recognition software for mobile phones; Covidea, a Chemical Bank and AT&T joint venture; Tiger Electronics, where he developed and marketed Furby; and Ideal Toy where he marketed Rubik’s Cube and Evel Kneivel toys.  Stewart has has been a SCORE mentor for the past 8 years, where he has helped entrepreneurs, startup companies, and small businesses develop and build their business, with a focus on marketing, business development and sales and MBA from the Harvard Business School.