Saving Money with Coupons

  Interested in the extreme couponing craze or just looking for some great new ways to save money? For those of you that are local to the Lowell, MA area there is a great upcoming workshop hosted by Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union through their Money Strong for Life program, being held on September 18th at…

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5 Easy Family Dinners for less than $70 in Groceries!

starts with the flyer! We look through and determine what the key specials are with most of our emphasis on the meats, seafood, and produce specials and whenever possible we bring in the grocery items. For instance, if the store is featuring a big sale on Mexican foods, our members will most likely see our…

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Four tips for Healthy and Economical Food Shopping

  From day one, The Dinner Daily has focused on helping make family meals easier, healthier and more economical. A big part of that starts with your weekly trips to the grocery store, where the store displays are designed to entice you to buy, buy, buy. So how to combat those enticing forces? Here are…

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Money Saving Tips Save money at Aldi with The Dinner Daily

Save Money at Aldi with The Dinner Daily!

Now save money at Aldi and eat better! Since we now incorporate the weekly specials for meats, fresh fruits and vegetables at thousands of Aldi stores across the country, people who shop at Aldi can take full advantage of the low-low special discounts that Aldi has, get their everyday low prices for everything else and…

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Money Saving Tips Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Studies show that food is the third biggest household expense for many families after housing and cars.  One of the key benefits we tout about The Dinner Daily  is that we base your weekly menu on what’s on sale that week at your store (and we cover over 16,000 grocery stores in all 50 states.)…

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75% of Shopping list on sale, with no effort?

Saving money at the Grocery Store has never been this easy! How many times do you go to the store and find that 75% of the things you buy for dinner that week are on sale, without ever having even looked at the sales flyer or for coupons?   Never, right? Well, for our lucky members…

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