Customized Menus are Here!

Champagne glasses were clinking yesterday at The Dinner Daily as we launched a whole series of significant enhancements for our members.  An enormous amount of thought and effort went into this major upgrade and it reflects lots of valuable feedback from our wonderful member community.  Members told us what would make their weeknight dinner routines easier, happier, healthier.  And we listened.

So let’s get to the highlights!  It all starts with our newly designed Sign Up page, shown below:



Now, members can specify the specifc meal types they want on their menus, and eliminate the food types they don’t want. They can also further specify how often these foods can show up on their menus too, giving our members much greater control over their menus and the variety they want to see. So if you are trying to eat more vegetarian meals each week, while still enjoying a steak or a burger too, there is a meal plan for that.  Want to limit your weekly menu to just seafood and poultry, there is a menu for that.  And if you are a vegetarian or pescetarian, that is an available option too.

And one of our favorite new features? Fine Tuning your menu!  Members can now customize their dinner menus more precisely to reflect a number of common dietary needs, such as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Reduced Carb as well as address allergy concerns such as nut free or soy free.

And of course all menus are still customized to the weekly specials at over 48 major grocery store chains across the country.  By incorporating fresh food specials at your local grocery store each week into your weeknight menu, members not only solve the daily dinner dilemma, but also save money at the register too.  What’s on special at your store (along with your food preferences) determines what shows up on your menu each week, providing you with menus that will work for your family and help you lower your grocery bills. So whether you are tired of figuring out what to make for dinner or feel like you have been throwing away food far too often due to lack of a plan, The Dinner Daily can help you.  And you can give it a test drive for 14 days for free!

So if you are already a member we hope you enjoy this higher level of customization with your easy weeknight dinners.  If you are not a member and want to give it a try, just click on the button below:

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