Sample Meal Plan

When you join The Dinner Daily, you get instant access to 1) easy weeknight menu plans based on weekly store specials in many areas 2) an organized shopping list, and 3) links for on line coupons for items right on your shopping list!  Remember, if your store isn’t listed, just choose the ANY STORE option – the menu won’t be based on specials but all of the other benefits still apply!  We also provide extra recipes for easy substitutions if you ever want to swap out a meal.  We even help you with your dinner parties too!

Sample Meal Plan

Click below to see snapshots of a typical Weekly Meal Plan.  For just a few dollars a month, you can experience how easy it is to make our simple yet delicious recipes for dinner and get them on the table in record time!  All our dinner plans on average cost no more than $85 per week in groceries for a family of five.  You’ll save money, time, and your family dinners!






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