The new Shopping List is Here!

You asked, we listened! Your Dinner Daily shopping list is now editable and shareable across your devices!

Now you can easily delete the shopping list items you already have on hand, add anything else you need (not just dinner items), and cross off items you buy at the store when you buy them! You can also edit anything on the list to change quantities, brands or write notes to yourself or anyone else who might be using the list. And any changes you make on your computer are now visible when you open the shopping list on your phone! So go ahead and edit your list from home or office computer or tablet, then bring it up on your phone in the store and start shopping!

Share with your family!  Since the new shopping list is shareable across devices, everyone in your family can share a single list by logging into your Dinner Daily account from their device. All changes will be seen by everyone! So family members can add items to the list at any time, and anyone going to the store will have access to the latest shopping list.

Click here to see a video demonstration of this cool new feature.

As always, we hope you find this enhancement makes your lives a little easier! But we also would love your feedback or comments if you have them,so don’t be shy!  This is just the first of many enhancements we have planned for the coming months all focused on making dinner increasingly easy.

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