Dinner Daily Nutritional Corporate Wellness Program


A Nutritional Corporate Wellness Program for Happier, More Productive Employees

Family making dinner together

An affordable, cost effective wellness benefit that helps your employees eat better, lower stress and save money.

For many working professionals, dinner can be a significant, daily source of stress.  They know they should be eating more healthy, home-cooked meals but it’s hard to do when you are busy. The Dinner Daily provides the plan to make it easy.

A benefit that makes the end of every workday easier.

The Dinner Daily solves the universal problem working couples and families face every day: how to put a healthy, delicious dinner on the table every night, quickly and affordably. A growing number of companies are offering The Dinner Daily as a nutritional corporate wellness benefit with outstanding results.  For just a few dollars per employee per month or less, The Dinner Daily can be offered as sponsored benefit and has been receiving accolades from members and Corporate Wellness professionals alike

“The Dinner Daily has been really well received by our employees. We have a distributed workforce across dozens of states, and the selection of grocery stores and meal preferences across a diverse geography has been fantastic. This is a benefit every employee can use to combine healthy eating with getting the most out of their grocery budget.

Chris Paneuf, VP HR, Plumchoice Inc.

“This service has literally transformed my evenings. As a full-time working new mom at a large corporation, my evenings are sacred. Not having to stop at the store multiple times a week to figure out what we are going to eat has made all the difference in the world. I tell everyone I know about your service. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Ashley U., Dinner Daily Member

“Since adding The Dinner Daily as a benefit, we have received nothing but positive feedback.  Employees rave about the recipes, the simplicity of it all, and the great savings from such a smart and resourceful system.  I cannot thank The Dinner Daily enough for providing Arbella with this innovative and essential tool for a happy healthy lifestyle

Sarah Cailler, Wellness Director, Arbella Insurance Group

The Dinner Daily takes the stress out of dinnertime by providing customized meal weekly plans for five delicious dinners and a shopping list built on healthy, nutritious, easy-to-make meals, that are based on the weekly specials where your employees’ shop.  Our service can save families $1,200 or more each year on groceries, while they eat healthier meals.

For less than almost any other benefit you provide, companies can provide The Dinner Daily to their employees  as an extremely affordable sponsored company-paid benefit.  We provide a customized signup page, communications materials and simple signup/unsubscribe, meaning it’s a benefit that can be offered with little or no administrative burden to your Corporate Wellness or HR group.  Over 100 companies nationwide now offer The Dinner Daily as a benefit.

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Sample menu and shopping list

Each week, every employee who subscribes will receive in their inbox:

    1. 1. A weekly five-dinner menu customized just for them based on their food preferences, dietary needs and the weekly specials where they shop
    1. 2. An organized shopping list
    1. 3. Links to coupons for additional savings

Menus can be modified in seconds and the shopping list is automatically updated.  The Dinner Daily creates menus based on store sales for over 17,000 grocery stores nationwide, but The Dinner Daily can be used with ANY grocery store. Your employees will eat healthier meals, save time and money and enjoy more family time at the dinner table.


Studies show that healthy eating has a positive impact on energy. Higher energy employees means more productive employees.

“The tried-and-true advice for healthful eating also applies to keeping your energy level high: eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of unrefined carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, with an emphasis on vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils.” Harvard University Medical School

Sound Good? Learn more about our service or schedule a short demonstration to find out more about how we can provide an affordable, easy to use nutritional component to your Corporate Wellness program. Or download our Corporate Wellness Brochure. Let us help you make your employees’ lives less stressful, and their family time more rewarding. Schedule a demo to learn more


These and many other companies offer The Dinner Daily to their employees:

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