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Marching Toward Better Nutrition

March is a special month for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. To them, March is National Nutrition Month and they encourage people to make more informed food choices and start on the path to developing better eating and activity habits. We applaud their efforts and think March is the perfect time for their annual […]

delicious dinner for two

A Delicious Dinner for Two

Do you struggle with meal planning for two? Sometimes, recipes with larger portion sizes are hard to cut in half, because you are left with a bunch of ingredients you can’t use up. That’s not the case with this healthy and delicious dinner for two from our Dinner Daily recipes team. This ground turkey recipe is […]

Three Simple Rules for Eating Better

Many of us (perhaps most of us) are looking for ways to improve our diets, so we’d like to share some ideas on eating better meals.  Michael Pollan, a Professor at Berkeley,  a famous writer and speaker on food issues and the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  He’s conducted a ton of research on food, and […]

Vegan and Vegetarian meal plans

Vegan & Vegetarian Meal Plans from The Dinner Daily

Eating a plant based diet can be a fulfilling and delicious approach to a healthy lifestyle. Studies have found that cutting back on animal products, even  just a few times a week, can lead to reduced disease and other health issues. Eating a more green diet also has a positive environmental impact.  That’s why we’ve […]

6 “Healthy” Foods to Avoid: They Sound Healthy, But Really Aren’t!

With so much “mis-information” out there, especially about foods, we wanted to help clear the air a bit about seemingly healthy foods that are actually foods to avoid!  So we asked Cassandra Suarez, one of our team registered dietitians, to do a special post on a hot topic related to nutrition. She knew just the […]