Vegan and Vegetarian meal plans

Vegan & Vegetarian Meal Plans from The Dinner Daily

Eating a plant based diet can be a fulfilling and delicious approach to a healthy lifestyle. Studies have found that cutting back on animal products, even  just a few times a week, can lead to reduced disease and other health issues. Eating a more green diet also has a positive environmental impact.  That’s why we’ve […]

An Easy Vegetarian Dinner for The Family

The Meatless Monday movement was created to promote the benefits of plant based diets which include a variety of healthy and environmental benefits. You don’t need us to tell you that incorporating more meatless meals into your diet are good for you, but we can answer your real question, “Do vegetarian meals actually taste good […]

Lemony vegetarian stew

Meatless Mondays: Lemony Vegetable Stew

It is a rainy and cool day in the Boston area today…the perfect day to put on a big pot of soup!  We are making it super charged with veggies, so its really a vegetable stew…a perfect meal for not only the weather but also to recover from a Sunday of over indulging! There is […]