How It Works

healthy weekly meal planner The Dinner Daily serves as your own personal healthy weekly meal planner.  Each week on a set day, your Weekly Menu, corresponding Shopping List, and Coupon Listing will be posted to the Members Only section of  the site.

The reports will be available in accordance with the timetable show on the chart below. Just print and you will be on your way!


Currently, we offer subscriptions for the following stores:

Any Store (works anywhere!) N/A Friday by 8:00 pm
Market Basket Sunday to Saturday Friday by 8:00 pm
Stop & Shop Friday to Thursday Thursday by 10:00 pm
Shaws Supermarkets Friday to Thursday Thursday by 10:00 pm
Roche Brothers Friday to Thursday Thursday by 10:00 pm
Whole Foods * Wednesday to Tuesday Thursday by 10:00 pm
Hannaford Sunday to Saturday Saturday by 8:00 pm


weekly recipe planner Our Plans Work Anywhere!

We offer both meal plans that work anywhere in the country (the “Any Store” option above) and meal plans based on a specific grocery store’s weekly specials.  The list of stores we currently offer is listed in the above chart.   Please note that if you choose the “Any Store” option, it will not be possible to base your menu on specific weekly specials.  However, we are sure you will still experience significant savings by shopping with an organized list and using our links to the online coupons!

Also, we plan to add additional stores in the future so check back often!

*Whole Foods sales are currently for the New England region.  Additional regions may be added at a future date.

Your Weekly Menu Reports:

Each week we will post on the Members Only section of the website your three weekly menu reports:

  • The Weekly Menu
  • The Weekly Shopping List
  • The Weekly Coupon Listing

In addition, we will also post Bonus Menus from time to time to help you out even more!  Currently, we have our  Winter Dinner Party SOS Menus available to our subscribers (perfect for holiday entertaining!) complete with an organized shopping list and Do Ahead Timeline!  Planning a dinner party was never so easy! These supplemental menus are updated with the seasons.


Sample healthy weekly meal plans

The Weekly Menu:

Each weekly menu is based on what is on sale at the grocery store you choose, creating an ideal weekly recipe planner.  We review the sales flyers for each of the above stores and plan meals around the specials.  For example, if chicken is a sale item that week, we may feature two meals based on chicken.  The remainder of the menu will be based on other good sales items such as red meat, seafood, pork or vegetarian.  The exact combination will depend on what is on sale.

Say goodbye to reading through the grocery store flyers each week trying to come up with fresh menus for your family.  All meals are intended to serve a family of 4 to 6 people.

We also aim to minimize waste and have ingredients used again when it make sense. For instance, if a recipe uses 1/2 bag of baby carrots in the main meal, we will include a side dish on another night that same week using the remaining produce.   No more throwing out unused and expired food from your fridge!

All our menus are written by moms (not computer generated) to ensure your menu is well balanced, offers variety, does not repeat the same ingredients too often, and most importantly is based on your store specials!

You can feel good that you are using your food budget in the most efficient way possible while still providing your family with healthy meals that are easy to prepare.  The cost of your 5 weeknight meals, along with side dishes, will on average cost about $85 per week*.

*This cost is calculated using on sale items as well as the least expensive available product for all other items on your shopping list.

“With the Dinner Daily, I no longer look into my cupboards at 5:00 pm and wonder what I can make that my kids won’t complain about! I would be lost without it!!! Thank you The Dinner Daily, keep the menus coming!”

–Lisa, mother of two, MA


Don’t eat red meat or shellfish? No problem, we have you covered. Just indicate your preferences when subscribing.  We will never include a recipe with those ingredients in your weekly menu.  It really is that easy!

Please click on the Sample Menus link on the right hand navigation bar above to see a sample menu.


Shopping List for Meal PlanningThe Weekly Shopping List:

Along with your Menu Chart, you will also receive a shopping list for your weekly menu.   The list is organized by department to make your time in the store quick and easy. We also provide extra space to write down additional items you may need (lunch supplies, cereal, paper goods etc) so there is no need to make an additional list.

What if you are not planning on using all 5 recipes in a given week? Not an issue.  Each recipe is coded with a letter (A-E) and each ingredient on the shopping list is coded with the meal letter in which it is used.   For instance, if you know you are not going to use Meal (A) that week, just cross off any ingredient that has a (A) beside it on the shopping list. Its that simple!

As an added feature, you can also access our  Replacement Recipes section of the Members Only pages  in case you want to swap out a meal on your weekly menu or just want some extra menus for the weekend.   These recipes will be across all categories (chicken, beef, seafood, vegetarian, pork etc) and is intended to give you more options and flexibility with your meal planning.

“This service is fantastic!  I find this extremely easy to follow, the recipes are great, and I’m not afraid to use different spices than what I used to use.  I don’t spend a lot of time cooking, and this service has really broadened both my cooking skills and the meals that I am serving – meals I never would have dared to try on my own!  Thanks!” 

–Teri A,  MA


You will be amazed at how easy it is to get your shopping done and you can be on your way to more important things.

How Do We Handle Staples Like Spices, Olive Oil, etc?

Each week there will be certain pantry staples you will need for your recipes but you do not necessarily need to buy.  Many of the recipes will use olive oil, common spices and seasonings so those will be listed separately.  If you need them, just mark it on your list before you head to the store.  We know how annoying it is to start a recipe only to realize you are out of olive oil

Please click on the Sample Menus link on the right hand navigation bar above to see a sample.


Meal Planning CouponsThe Weekly Coupon Listing:

Coupons are a great way to save some extra money at the register.  Using coupons regularly can add up to some great savings over the course of the month.  However, it takes time and organization to find coupons for items you actually need and for most of us, we just do not find that time.

As part of our service, we do the searching for you!  We have spent months researching the best sites for coupons with the least amount of hassle.  Each week, along with your menu and shopping list, we will provide you with a supplemental report with direct links to coupons for items right on your list, organized by the recipes on your weekly menu. In most cases, you simply click and print! (Some manufacturers will require you to fill out a brief registration form in order to obtain the coupon but in these instances we will let you know on the listing).

How much in coupons do we find each week?

On average, we will provide you with links for $4 to $6 in coupons each week, and in some weeks it can be over $10.   Coupons are subject to availability by the manufacturers  and the number available each week will fluctuate.    Click here to see a sample meal plan with coupon search.

Also, when we come across coupons for popular items such as cereal or lunch box favorites, we will provide you with those links too, helping you save even more!

No more clipping coupons just in case you might need to buy the item to only have them expire. Linking the coupons right to your weekly shopping list saves you time and money! We call it “Just in Time Couponing!”

If you take advantage of this benefit just a couple times a month, your subscription to The Dinner Daily will pay for itself!


Member Only Pages:

In addition to the above Weekly Menu Reports,  you will also have access to the following features on the Member Only section of our website:

  • Substitute or Extra Recipes:  Whether you want to swap out a meal that is on your weekly menu plan or are just looking for some extras for the weekend, these are here to help you!  We will always have a week’s worth of extra recipes across all categories, changed every 6 to 8 weeks. Just click on the link to the right to be brought to these recipes.  All of these recipes are from our database and follow the same criteria as the ones used on your weekly menus: easy, quick, healthy, kid friendly AND kid tested!
  • Bonus Menus: We also will post additional bonus features from time to time, such as “Dinner Party SOS”, Holiday menus, and our Favorite Freezer Meals.   We will send you an email alert when these features are posted.


Send us an email at  We will always get back to you!