How it Works


STEP 1: Select Your Plan:

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Pick your menu preferences, your family size, and even your grocery store.   Whether you live on the East coast or the West, our plans work anywhere to save you time and money.  Menu plans are even based on store sales for select stores.  (see the stores we cover here)


Step 2: Get Your Menu and Shopping List

Shaws Free Menu

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Each week on a set day, you will receive 5 easy to prepare weeknight meals, along with an organized shopping list for your store.    All our menus are written by moms (not computer generated) to ensure your menu is well balanced, offers variety, does not repeat the same ingredients too often, and whenever possible is based on your store specials.  Menus are posted in accordance with our posting schedule outlined here.

Because we focus so much on your budget, the cost of your 5 weeknight meals, along with side dishes, will on average cost about $85 per week!   You will be amazed at how easy it is to get your shopping done and you can be on your way to more important things


Step 3: Print Your Coupons!









We also provide you with direct links to online coupons for items right on your shopping list.  On average, we find between $6 to $10 each week in coupons.  We have researched the best sites for coupons with the least amount of hassle.   It’s like having your own “Coupon Concierge”! If you take advantage of this benefit just a couple times a month, your subscription will essentially be free!


Step 4:  Prepare Simple & Healthy Dinners

kid friendly meal planning

All our recipes are quick, easy, and use healthy whole ingredients.  No processed ingredients allowed! All meal plans include a main course and one to two simple healthy sides.   

Now you can Relax! Your meal planning is done!