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Our unique money saving model

3 steps to easy, low cost meals

1. We start with your sales flyer

  • Your menu uses what is on special
  • Maximize store specials
  • Focus on fresh & healthy ingredients

2. We provide simple and economical recipes

  • Most recipes use 10 ingredients or less
  • Simple and easy to find ingredients

3. We provide links to extra coupons

  • Weekly coupon searches for products commonly used in our recipes

More ways you will save

No more impulse buys

Lower food waste

Fewer trips to the store

I’ve been using this service now for a couple of months and I LOVE IT. The recipes are great, quick, healthy, and varied. I’m saving a lot on groceries, and not throwing out NEARLY as much spoiled food. It’s also so great to not do that thing every night at 5 where you stare into the fridge and think…. “what now.”

Amanda D.

The Dinner Daily is a GAME CHANGER!! Consistently following it for over a year….and we love the meals. We have a very busy family of 6 and this has made our dinner time a million times easier. Thank you!!

Angie M.