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Our members say…

You have changed my life! I really had no idea how to cook, but valued the importance of home cooked meals (for health, finance and family time). My go to was Annie’s Mac n Cheese! The meals that you send in The Dinner Daily are SO easy and incredibly delicious. My family eats more healthfully. I have fun cooking these quick meals without sacrificing time with my two year old son. You make it so easy to plan for the week with the shopping lists. Best $ I have EVER spent! Have you considered a cookbook? Thank you so much. I love, love, love this and am so glad that I stumbled upon it.

Mariah T

I am a fairly new subscriber, and just wanted to thank you – I’ve tried many of your recipes and LOVE taking advantage of the store sales AND having easy dinners! So, thank you, thank you thank you!

Lara, MA

How I have come to rely on you! You are doing a great job. I love just printing and bringing the shopping list to the store. I am always prepared to go shopping even if I only needed milk, I am ready to buy for a few dinners without stopping to pull out recipes. I don’t mind grocery shopping as much as I used to because you cut the process time in half!

Nancy C

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you! I am cooking the last meal of my first week and you have changed dinner at my house. This is an incredible service!

Jennifer L

I love getting new recipes and having my meals planned out ahead of time for the week. It saves me from my daily stops at the grocery store. The Dinner Daily has been a real time saver!

Sue, mother of 3, MA

I would just like to thank you for all your yummy recipes!!! Subscribing to The Dinner Daily has been the best thing!! I am sooo happy one of my girlfriends told me about you!! My family thanks you as well!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Katie B, MA

The three words I used to dread were “What’s for dinner”? You have literally saved my sanity and maybe my marriage with your recipes. I love that you have included a shopping list and coupons from our store. I look forward to getting my menu for the week and can’t wait to try them out. Thank you !


I found The Dinner Daily after I had my baby and needed a simplified dinner plan when I returned to work. The Dinner Daily provides me 5 easy to prepare meals each week that are diverse and healthy along with a detailed shopping list. My favorite part is that my menus are customized to my local grocery store. The Dinner Daily has taken the stress of planning dinner away and I feel good about what I am preparing for my family.

Christine G

This service is fantastic! I find this extremely easy to follow, the recipes are great, and I’m not afraid to use different spices than what I used to use. I don’t spend a lot of time cooking, and this service has really broadened both my cooking skills and the meals that I am serving – meals I never would have dared to try on my own! Thanks!

Teri A, MA

Love the simplicity of your menu service. I’ve recreated family dinner time at our house. I love having everything planned for me. My time is more organized as I don’t have to figure out what to do, I just have to see what you have planned for me. I prep most items in the morning and then in the evening I’m good to go! The family loves it. Many thanks

Nancy, NH

You have made my life sooooo much easier! No more thinking what will I make for dinner??? Do I have the ingredients??? My family loves the recipes too! I share you website with everyone I know. Thank you!

Nancy C

Love the one pager that I can pull out every night. Extremely convenient and loved the easy recipes when we were rushing. Truly, truly made my life so much easier this past week. I felt like a “perfect wife and mother” with easy dinners on the table every night. I keep wanting to tell everyone about it…..!!

Susanne, MA