Here’s how we create your personalized meal plan to save you money and simplify dinner.

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1. Sign up for a free trial

Get started with a free two week trial. Setting up your free account is quick and easy, and you will have your first personalized menu in minutes!

2. Select your food preferences and dietary needs

After you create your free account, we will quickly help you create your customized meal plan.

Just follow the easy prompts to select your dietary needs, food preferences, family size, and state and store. It’s easy and takes just minutes!

Once you have made all your selections and set up your free trial, we will create your first personalized menu.

3. Receive your personalized meal plan every week

Each week, you’ll receive your personalized plan for five easy and healthy dinners, paired with one to two sides, and the shopping list to make it happen.

Your plan is created based on what’s on sale at your local grocery store to help you save money.

And if there is ever anything you don’t like on your plan, you have tons of flexibility.  You can swap out recipes with our recipe suggestions, your favorited recipes, or from searching our entire database for more options.   You can even swap in your own personal recipes!

4. Shop in store or order online

Use the shopping list on your phone, or use a printed list if that is your preference. Save time by shopping for everything you need in one trip.

You can also order online through your store’s online shopping and delivery service, or our online integration in certain locations.  You’ll love having an organized plan for dinner using fresh ingredients you’re buying on sale.

You’ve now got a plan for dinner every week!

You’ll save money, eat better, and save tons of time. Best of all, no more stressing about what’s for dinner!

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“We are saving money by not just buying stuff and guessing what we were going to try to make during the week. We absolutely love it!”


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