Welcome to The Dinner Daily! Our service is designed to help you save time and money, and help make dinner easier.

Please find below the answers for our most frequently asked questions (FAQs):

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How do I subscribe?

All subscriptions come with a free 14 day trial so you can try The Dinner Daily risk free.  To get started, click on the “Try It” link at the top of the page and sign up for a free trial by selecting your subscription term and creating your account. Once you have joined, you will be prompted to personalize your plan by:

    • Selecting any dietary needs
    • Choosing your food preferences
    • Selecting your state and grocery store
    • Confirming your family size.

Your first personalized menu and shopping list will then be created in seconds!


How much does it cost?

Dinner Daily memberships pay for themselves over and over again. Having a plan that is based on store sales and that uses basic ingredients will help you save on groceries.  We have two membership plans, starting at under $5 per month:

  • $24 for three months
  • $58 for a full year

Most of our members save many times the cost each week, because we maximize use of weekly sales at grocery stores across the country.


How does the two week trial work?

All memberships come with a two week free trial. There is no charge until day 15 and you can cancel at any time up to day 15 with no charge.


My store isn’t listed. Will The Dinner Daily work for me?

Yes. If your grocery store isn’t listed, select our “ANY STORE” option.  You will still have all the benefits of membership- you’ll get a weekly meal plan and shopping list you can use at any store to eat better, save time, and have less stress around dinner. The only difference with the Any Store option is your menu will not be based on the weekly sales flyer at your particular store. Also, since you have access to all the store specific menus in your area, you can also try out other store menus too.

Our Any Store plan works well for stores like Costco, Trader Joe’s, and others that don’t have regular weekly sales.


I just subscribed. When can I expect my first menu and shopping list?

When you subscribe, you have immediate access to your plan.  You will also receive an email with links to your new menus by 6PM EST on the first day of the weekly sales cycle of the store you have selected. You can see the menu publishing schedule here .

We also will send you a series of quick emails during the first few weeks of your trial membership to help you make the most of your membership.

TIP: To ensure you receive our emails, please mark emails from thedinnerdaily.com as safe. For instructions on how to do this, please click this link.


Can I customize my menu?

Yes. You can customize your menu in multiple ways.  When you first join, we ask you to specify what kinds of main ingredients you want in your weekly plan (beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, vegetarian).  You can also fine tune your menus for specific dietary needs such as Reduced Carb, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, and more.  We also offer a Heart Healthy menu option which aligns with the American Heart Association’s recommendations for daily sodium and saturated fat intake.

Once you are a member, we will send you a pre-planned menu each week that is customized for your food preferences, family size, and the sales at your grocery store.

However, you can always change your plan or look for more options with our easy to use Swap feature.  Just click on the Swap button to swap out a recipe with one of our suggested swap options, your previously favorited recipes, your own personal recipes, or search our database for more options.


Can I access menus and shopping lists for more than one store?

Yes. While we ask you at sign up to select your primary store so we can email you a weekly reminder on the day your menu updates, you always have access to the customized menus for any store in your area. You can also change states as well.   As a member you have access to any state/store menu we create!


How does The Dinner Daily save members money?
Our members save money in a number of ways. First, for over 16,000 grocery stores in all 50 states, we create menus based on the stores’ weekly sales. Our research and testing shows that families can save $1,200 or more a year on groceries just by incorporating weekly sales into the weekly plans. Second, with an organized plan in place, you will know exactly what to buy and how much, so you will save money by not throwing out or wasting food.  Our recipes also follow a strict set of guidelines to keep on-off ingredients to a minimum.  We also know that when our members have an organized plan in place each week, they spend less on take out, over priced meal kits, and restaurant meals. When you have a plan that works, the savings add up.

We also provide links to online manufacturer coupons each week for items on your shopping list and for other useful household items to help you save even more.

It is very easy to get The Dinner Daily added to your home screen on your phone, or use it on your desktop. We suggest you get our app on all your devices so you always have easy access to your plan.

To get the Dinner Daily on your phone:

  • Go to app.thedinnerdaily.com on your phone or tablet browser.  Use the Safari browser on iPhone and Chrome on Android phones.
  • Log into your account using your email and your password.
  • On iPhones or ipads:  tap the Share button    at the bottom of your screen, and then scroll down to select the “Add to Home Screen” option.
  • On Android phones or tablets:  Using Chrome, open The Dinner Daily at app.thedinnerdaily.com   Then, tap Install and follow the on-screen instructions.

To use The Dinner Daily on your desktop:

  • You can access The Dinner Daily on your Desktop two different ways:
    • #1: Simply go to app.thedinnerdaily.com in your browser.  You can then bookmark app.thedinnerdaily.com for quick access in the future.
    • #2:  You can also install The Dinner Daily right to your Desktop.  Follow the  “Add” prompt that will appear on the screen when you join.  If you miss the prompt, you can also use the Install Icon on the right side of your browser bar (look for the square with an arrow inside it).
  • The Dinner Daily will then be available whenever you need us. You do not need to go to thedinnerdaily.com to access your plan.

Can I order Dinner Daily ingredients on line?   Do you have links for grocery store delivery or pickup?

Yes. We have “One-Click Ordering” links for Kroger and Kroger-owned stores across the country.  We also plan to add additional online ordering integrations in the near future.

If we do not yet offer an online ordering integration for your store,  you could always use your organized shopping list to manually add items to your store’s online shopping cart. Having an organized list does make online ordering easier and more efficient, and is still quicker than going to the store!


Can I send my items to Kroger for delivery or pickup?
Yes. We now have an integration with Kroger for delivery or pickup. It works with most Kroger stores as well as King Soopers, Frys, Pick n Save, Ralphs, Fred Meyer and others. It does not work for Harris Teeter at this time as they have a separate online ordering system.

Here’s how it works:

If you have selected a Kroger or Kroger-owned store, (such as Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Frys or Ralphs), tick on the items you wish to send for online ordering and an “Order” button will appear on the top of the screen, then click on the Order button.  You will be prompted to sign in to your existing Kroger account or create a new Kroger account if you do not yet have one.  Your items will then be transferred right to your Kroger cart and can now be scheduled for delivery or curbside pick up.

If you have questions on how this works, just contact us at support@thedinnerdaily.com

I am getting a “location access is blocked”. How do I resolve this? 

You may have a setting on your device that blocks location access.

For Safari:

You will need to enable location services at Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Safari Websites.

To be safe, make sure to also enable location services both there and at Settings > Safari > Location .

After you’ve changed your settings, open your Menu and then switch to the Shopping List to find nearby stores.

If you continue to have issues, just contact us at support@thedinnerdaily.com

For Chrome:

Open Chrome and click the three-dotted menu in the top right-hand corner followed by Settings.
On the Settings page, click Privacy and security from the left-hand menu followed by Site Settings. Scroll down and click Location.You can then choose how you want to allow location access from this screen.

What will a typical weekly meal plan look like?

Each week your menu will be customized to your food preferences, dietary needs, and what’s on sale at the grocery store you select. The more food choices you select, the more variety you will have on your weekly menus. Menus are well-balanced across the week and offer a variety of meal types, so it never gets boring. Depending on your preferences, you will see various cuisine types (i.e., Mexican, Italian, vegetarian, etc.), and cooking styles (i.e., slow cooker, make ahead, etc.), with no single ingredient or set of ingredients repeating too often.


What if there is a meal on my menu I don’t want to make?

Easy.  With our easy Swap feature, you can change anything on your menu in seconds. On your menu, click on the Swap icon below the recipe name.  You can then select a replacement meal from our list of suggested swap options, your previously favorited recipes, your personal recipes, or from searching our database for more options.  You can use Swap for both mains and sides on your menu, and all changes to your menu will automatically be updated on your shopping list.

You can also delete an entire meal by clicking the trash can. And if you ever want to return to your original menu, that’s easy too. Just click on the “Restore Menu” link right below your menu.


Can I add my own recipes?

Yes. You can add your own recipes by going to the My Recipes tab.  You can add as much or as little detail as you need. For instance, if you know the recipe instructions by heart, then only enter the ingredients. You can then swap your personal recipes into your plan by clicking on the Swap icon on your menu. Select the My Recipes option on the dropdown and pick the personal recipe you want to add to your plan for the week.  The ingredients will now be added to your shopping list.


Can I search for recipes?

Yes.  When you click on the Swap icon, click on the drop-down box and go to Search. Type in the description for the type of recipe you would like, such as “beef,” or “chicken” or “slow cooker” or “Mexican”.   You can use more than one, so you can search for “Mexican, chicken” for example. Or you can search by multiple ingredients such as “chicken, broccoli, onion.” Up to 10 recipes will be displayed.  To add a recipe to your menu in place of another meal, click on the dish you want, and your menu and shopping list will be updated.


Do you have Reduced Carb, Gluten Free, or Dairy Free options? What about common allergy options? 

Yes. You can fine-tune your menus to only include Reduced Carb or Gluten Free meals, along with other options like Dairy Free, Nut Free, and more.  We will prompt you to make these selections right after you sign up for our Free 14 Day Trial, and you can change them anytime.


Do you have Heart Healthy/Low Sodium options?

Yes, we have a Heart Healthy menu option approved by our registered dietician and aligned with the American Heart Association guidelines for daily intake of sodium and saturated fats. Specifically, the menus do not contain red meats, and each meal (main plus sides) contains less than 800 mg of sodium, which is aligned with the AHA guideline of no more than 2300 mg of sodium daily.  Also, in line with AHA guidelines, the calories from saturated fats are less than 10% of the overall calories for the meal.


How do I sign up for the Heart Healthy option?

The first time you click on Your Weekly Meal Plan after signing up for a Free 14-Day Trial, you will be prompted to select food preferences.  On the bottom of the food preferences screen, you will see an option to choose a Heart Healthy meal plan. Just tick the box and your menu will now be created with the heart-healthy criteria outlined below:

heart healthy icon

You will then see the Heart Healthy menu choices and begin selecting your mix of meals.  Please note that not all of our dietary filters are available with the Heart Healthy menu plan at this time.


How do you define “Reduced Carb”?

Although there are many variations of what constitutes a reduced-carb diet, our definition of reduced-carb recipes are free of pasta, couscous, white rice, bread, breading, tortillas, and potatoes. We use minimal amounts of flour as a thickener and natural sweeteners. Following our registered dietitians’ direction, we include nutrient-rich complex carbs such as beans, sweet potatoes, and other legumes in Reduced Carb menus.


How do you define “Gluten Free”(GF)?

Our GF recipes do not use ingredients that commonly contain gluten. While we have many other recipes that could easily be made GF by using gluten-free ingredients, such as gluten-free pasta, we have not included those at this time. Please note we do include in our GF options recipes that use soy sauce (or tamari) and salad dressings, as GF versions of these ingredients are widely available.


How often do you repeat recipes?

As a general rule, the main dish recipe will not be repeated on your menu for at least two months.  We also continuously add new recipes, so the increasing number of recipes in our database allows us to continually provide our subscribers with new meal ideas, even if you have subscribed for some time.

You can also add your own personal recipes to your account and have those available to swap into your plan.


Can I favorite a recipe? 

Yes. You can “Favorite” any recipe, so it will be saved in your account for a future week. Just click on the heart symbol right below the recipe photo, and the recipe will now be saved in your account.  Your favorites are always available to swap into your menu by clicking the Swap icon and selecting Favorites from the drop down. Just click on the recipe you want to use, and your menu and shopping list will be updated.


How are your Nutritional Values calculated?

The Nutritional Values (NVs) shown are for one serving of the complete meal – main course and sides. For Family Plan, the NVs are based on five servings; for Meals for two, the NVs are based on 2.5 servings.

We calculate NVs using a third-party service wherein we input the ingredients for each recipe, the serving size, and other information, and the software returns the nutritional values for that meal. Please note that our NVs represent a “ballpark” value for your convenience and serve as a guideline only. These values should not be used when making important medical or dietary decisions. 

Also, our NVs do not include any ingredients listed as “optional”. As explicitly stated in our Terms and Conditions, we cannot be responsible for any errors from a third-party source or service. Thank you for your understanding, and please email us at support@thedinnerdaily.com if you have any questions.


What makes your recipes healthy?

Our recipes are developed with an emphasis on whole fresh foods.   Our recipes focus on lean proteins with lots of fresh produce and use limited amounts of minimally processed foods. We also consult with registered dietitians to ensure our recipes are appropriate and utilize healthy cooking methods.


Can I print the recipes and shopping list? 

Yes.  You can print both the daily recipes and shopping list from your computer (app.thedinnerdaily.com).  Just look for the print button on your menu or home screen.

How does the coupon feature work?

Each week we provide a list of available coupons (with the link to download the coupon) for ingredients commonly used across our recipes, along with other commonly used household items such as cleaning products, paper goods, and pet products.

Please note this is a search only feature-you will still need to click on the link to print the coupon or download it to your store’s loyalty card. 


How much will the coupons save me?

On average, we will find between $6 to $10 in online coupons each week for items that you will actually need to prepare your dinners. If you take advantage of this feature just once or twice a month, our service will essentially be free.


Must I register for manufacturers coupons?

It depends on the manufacturer.  We offer links to manufacturers’ coupons and reputable coupons sites. Some manufacturers may ask you to sign in to their site or provide your email to download the coupons.  We are trying to make  “couponing” easier for you and we’re working on improving this feature.

Who should contact if I have questions?

Your questions and concerns are important to us and we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround to get your issue resolved quickly or your question answered promptly.

If you have any questions related to billing, website access, or other more technical questions, please contact our support desk at  support@thedinnerdaily.com. 


My needs have changed, how can I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, you can do that from the Account settings from your account (look for the Account icon on the upper right side of your screen.  Once you cancel, you will still have access to your account until the end of your paid term.


Can I change my subscription term during my membership? 

Yes.  You can change your subscription term under the Account menu. If you have any questions, just reach out to us at support@thedinnerdaily.com.


Can I change my selected menu preferences, store or family size after my subscription starts?

Yes. You can easily change your preferences at anytime.  To change your food preferences, just click on the Food Preferences or Dietary Needs link to make adjustments.  You can also change your state, store, or family size as often as you need.

How did the business get started?

Our founder, Laurin Mills, started The Dinner Daily to solve her own “nightly dinner dilemma” as a result of being a working mom with three kids. Despite a demanding job and a long commute, one of the most stressful parts of the day was trying to figure out dinner every night. So she created a system where she planned out a week of meals, utilizing her store’s weekly specials, and went shopping once a week. And now we make that same money, time and stress-saving solution available to thousands of people in all 50 states.


How are you different than other meal planning services and the large recipe websites?

We are specifically focused on making dinner less time consuming, more affordable, and less stressful for busy families and couples. Other meal planning services and recipe sites typically require the user to do all the work of searching and selecting recipes to put together a plan for the week.

At The Dinner Daily, we do all the planning work for you by providing a pre-planned weekly dinner menu that is customized to you and the specials at your grocery store.  When you join The Dinner Daily, you won’t have to search for recipes, pair mains with sides, and hope it all comes together in a way that works.  We ensure your plan is well balanced in terms of cooking style and flavors and that specific ingredients do not repeat too often. We even ensure mains and side dishes never appear on your menu with different oven temperatures.  There is a great deal of thought and care that goes into putting together your plan each week so it solves dinner in the easiest way possible.


Where do your recipes come from?

Our recipes are created and tested by The Dinner Daily team which includes professional chefs, registered dieticians and home cooks. We strive to make sure our recipes will be well-received by your family before they ever go on a menu.


What do you mean when you say all the thinking, all the planning, is done for you?

First, we get the daily struggles of dinner because we live it too. Second, we are highly focused on making dinner easier while saving you money. Our unique money saving model of integrating your store’s weekly specials into your menu sets us apart from other services.

We also do all the planning work for you. All you need to do is simply check out the menus and shopping lists provided to you each week and go. There is no need to scroll through endless recipes to put together a menu, select side dishes to go with each meal, and then hope it all works. Our service saves you time and money while keeping your family eating healthy in the process.