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How We Save Money


Our Unique Money Saving Model

3 Steps to Easy, Low Cost Meals

  • 1. We Start With Your Sales Flyer

    • Your menu uses what is on special
    • Maximize store specials
    • Focus on fresh & healthy ingredients
  • 2. We Provide Simple and Economical Recipes

    • Most recipes use 10 ingredients or less
    • Simple and easy to find ingredients
  • 3. We provide links to extra coupons

    • Weekly coupon searches for products commonly used in our recipes

More Ways You Will Save

  • No More Impulse Buys
  • Lower Food Waste
  • Fewer Trips to the Store
  • I’ve been using this service now for a couple of months and I LOVE IT. The recipes are great, quick, healthy, and varied. I’m saving a lot on groceries, and not throwing out NEARLY as much spoiled food. It’s also so great to not do that thing every night at 5 where you stare into the fridge and think…. “what now.”

    Amanda D.

  • The Dinner Daily is a GAME CHANGER!! Consistently following it for over a year….and we love the meals. We have a very busy family of 6 and this has made our dinner time a million times easier. Thank you!!

    Angie M.