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3 Delicious 30 Minute Dinner Recipes for Hectic Weeknights

By the time your family gets home at the end of the day, everyone’s usually is starving, so you don’t have time for a long prep session – what you need and want are some 30 minute dinner recipes. If you have a plan for dinner, you can get right to it and get dinner […]

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Incorporating Thanksgiving Leftovers into Your Meal Plan

  You know what? Leftovers rock. If you’ve got a busy week, double one or two of the recipes in your meal plan.  Plan “Leftover Night” for the night of the week that is the most hectic. And while you’re at it, have a glass of wine too. It’s ok to incorporate one night of […]

A Weeknight Meal Plan That Simplifies Dinner Time

  Does Monday to Friday sometimes seem like a mad dash to the weekend?  Getting out the door to work early am, getting the kids through homework and to activities, running errands, laundry, managing personal business…it all adds up to hectic weeknights.  And of course, 6 pm comes along every night and we are faced […]

3 Reasons to End Your Dinner Ideas Search

Do you find yourself frequently searching for dinner ideas somewhere between 4PM and 6PM? Typically it goes something like this: First: check the fridge (or even the freezer) for something you can build a meal around (hmmm, maybe I can use those pork chops in the freezer that have hardened into a pork chop glacier […]