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True Confessions: Mom on a Mission

  It happened again. Another confession. This happy mom is using The Dinner Daily to get her family a big surprise! What’s she up to? Here’s a hint. Summer vacation is just around the corner and this mom can’t wait.   The Dinner Daily isn’t just for moms. Check out what a dad has to say […]

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9 Tips for Using Leftover Ingredients in Meals

Yeah, it bugs us too.  You know, those half cans of tomato sauce, or that partial box of pasta that is left over after making many recipes that seem kind of lonely and unloved in your fridge or cupboard.  But sometimes using leftover ingredients seems like more work than it’s worth, right?  Some of you […]

Does The Dinner Daily Really Save 20% on Your Grocery Bill?

The Dinner Daily On The Road: We test our system to see if helps save at Publix! You may have heard our claims of “five dinners for a family of five for $85 or less”, and “we save you 20% or more on the cost of your food every week”.  And while we test it […]

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Many of us are interested in saving money at the grocery store.  Studies show that food is the third biggest household expense for many families after housing and cars.  One of the key benefits we tout about The Dinner Daily  is that we base your weekly menu on what’s on sale that week at your […]

Save money at Aldi with The Dinner Daily

Save Money at Aldi with The Dinner Daily!

Aldi stores have gained a big following in a short period of time by their ultra low prices and good quality. Now The Dinner Daily makes, it a snap to shop at , save money at Aldi, and put great meals on your table! Now save money at Aldi and eat better! Since we now […]

3 Reasons to End Your Dinner Ideas Search

Do you find yourself frequently searching for dinner ideas somewhere between 4PM and 6PM? Typically it goes something like this: First: check the fridge (or even the freezer) for something you can build a meal around (hmmm, maybe I can use those pork chops in the freezer that have hardened into a pork chop glacier […]