Tory Burch Foundation Recognizes The Dinner Daily founder Laurin Mills

We’re very proud to announce that The Tory Burch Foundation has selected our founder Laurin Mills as a Finalist for their 2018 Fellows Program.   The Fellows Program is designed to provide support and guidance for leading women entrepreneurs.  Thirty Finalists were selected from a large pool of applicants from across the country. CLICK HERE TO […]

9 Tips for Incorporating Leftover Ingredients into Meals

  Yeah, it bugs us too.  You know, those half cans of tomato sauce, or that partial box of pasta that is left over after making many recipes that seem kind of lonely and unloved in your fridge or cupboard.  You just want to use them up, don’t you? Some of you might remember Steve […]

An Easy Vegetarian Dinner for The Whole Family

  The Meatless Monday movement was created to promote the benefits of plant based diets which include a variety of healthy and environmental benefits. You don’t need us to tell you that incorporating more meatless meals into your diet are good for you, but we can answer your real question, “Do vegetarian meals actually taste […]

A Pinterest Worthy 30 Minute Chicken Dinner Recipe

One of the reasons The Dinner Daily meets the needs of busy families is the flexibility. Sometimes you’ve got a short day and have plenty of time to try new, more involved dinner recipes. Other nights, you need something FAST. Our weekly meal plans offer you meals for either option. This chicken dinner recipe is […]

Weeknight Dinner Idea: Rigatoni, Broccoli & Chicken

  It’s winter here in Boston and a warm, hearty meal really hits the spot. But I think no matter where you live or the temperature, this recipe is a winner. If you are looking for a fast, delicious dinner idea, give this recipe a try. It’s simple and combines all the goodness of vegetables, […]

One Dish Salmon Supper

It’s Friday and if your plans for dinner include seafood, we have a super easy salmon recipe for you.  It is delicious and simple to prepare, and all the prep and cooking takes place in the one dish making clean up a snap.  We did it with salmon but you could swap it out with […]

Weight Loss without Calorie Counting: It Works

March is Nutrition Awareness Month, and in that spirit, we’re going to do several posts this month that we hope will be informative and interesting, and help our readers on their path to healthy eating. Nutrition Vs Calories for Weight Loss Watching my weight by counting calories and cooking family meals that have to be […]

A Weeknight Meal Plan That Simplifies Dinner Time

  Does Monday to Friday sometimes seem like a mad dash to the weekend?  Getting out the door to work early am, getting the kids through homework and to activities, running errands, laundry, managing personal business…it all adds up to hectic weeknights.  And of course, 6 pm comes along every night and we are faced […]

How to Save Hundreds on Groceries (and Eat Better too!)

We often get asked  “how do you really save people money on their groceries, especially given you cover over 16,000 grocery stores across the country?”  Well, it is a good question.  And our service is not just about saving people money, although that is a big part of what we do.  Equally important is how […]

5 Quick Tips for Picky Eaters

  We all know nutrition is important, especially for young children and their growing bodies.  We all want our kids to eat healthy and set them up to be lifelong healthy eaters.   Easier said than done right?  We get it.  Getting children to embrace healthy, nutrient rich foods consistently is challenging, and often just exhausting.  […]