Market Basket Flyer This Week (and Free Menu!)

Want a ready to go menu for five easy dinners, all planned around the Market Basket flyer this week?  Planning your meals before you hit the grocery store is always a winning strategy to save money and time.  Planning your meals based on the weekly flyer at your grocery store? Well, that takes meal planning and saving money to a whole different level. And if you are just looking for the Market Basket flyer, that link is also below.

Get Our Free Menu (and shopping list) Based on the Market Basket Flyer This Week

(February 13th to February 19th)

market basket flyer this week

Each week, we create menus for grocery stores around the country by incorporting as many specials in the weekly flyer as possible. The plan below is based on common food preferences and includes a bit of everything. However, if you want something more personalized to your tastes and dietary needs, just click on the teal green button below.

market basket flyer this weekmarket basket flyer this week

The menu above is all set to go (no decisions or scrolling required!).  A few things to note about the menu:

  • the menu includes five easy and healthy dinners, paired with one to two sides.
  • the main meals (and many of the sides) are selected based on the weekly specials at Market Basket flyer this week.
  • the recipes reflect common food preferences but you can customize further to your needs further (see teal green button below).
  • Our research estimates you can save 20% to 25% on your grocery bills each week just by planning your meals around what is on special at your store. We know this takes time, organization, and patience so if you are short on all three, just take advantage of our free plan above!

Do You Need a More Personalized Menu?

market basket flyer this week

If you love the idea of having a meal plan based on the weekly flyer at Market Basket (or another grocery store) but want to have recipes that reflect your preferences, sign up for our FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL above.  Members can fully customize their menus based on the following:

  • Food preferences: red meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, pork, or vegetarian meals) 
  • Dietary Needs: gluten free, dairy free, reduced carb, soy free, nut free, egg free, stick to the basics, and Heart Healthy
  • Family Size 
  • State and Store (we cover most major chains nationwide) 

You can learn more about our award winning meal planning service HERE.

This Week’s Market Basket Flyer

If you just want to see the full Market Basket flyer (without a meal plan) YOU CAN FIND IT HERE

Need some more help with meal planning?

Whether you like to do it yourself or are planning to check out our free trial, our Meal Planners guide will give you lots of inspiration to get started. Download the free guide below:

Meal Planner’s Guide

The Bliss of Getting Organized with Dinner (and saving money at the same time!)