Raspberry Pork Chops -3 Ingredients & 30 Minutes to Dinner!

Are you in a dinner rut and looking for something a bit different to break out of your routine?  We have a new recipe for you that is every busy person’s friend with just 3 ingredients, 30 minutes time to table, and super delicious!

We just made these for dinner and my 14 year old son told me it was “as good as something I would have ordered at Smith & Wollensky’s”, meant as a huge compliment! (we recently were at a special occassion dinner at this famous steak house and on that night, he declared it was the best dinner of his life).  In other words, I knew our quick and easy pork chop recipe, that I spent all of 5 mins prepping, was in the running for dinner of the year!

Never mind how easy they are, you will be amazed at how good they taste. But hey that is what we are all about at The Dinner Daily, proving you don’t have to slave at the stove or spend a lot of money to eat delicious healthy meals.  And as they say in Australia, this one is a “real cracker!”

Here is the extent of the set up and ingredients used:

Raspberry pork chops prep

The recipe makes use of 2 grocery items:  raspberry jam and chipolte peppers in adobe sauce.  “Wait, what? What kind of peppers???”   Well, I was a bit wary too but if you have not cooked with this flavor packed ingredient, you are in for a treat!  You can find them in your grocery store, most likely in the Mexican food aisle.  Here’s a picture just so you have a visual:

Adobe Chipolte


The combo of the sweet jam with the smokiness of the peppers in the sauce is fabulous!  We used center cut and thick style pork chops but you could really use any variety. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time, depending on the thickness of the chops.   And if you think you want a stronger flavor and a bit more spice, add a couple teaspons of extra sauce to the jam. You could also try it first as written and then add more next time.

And here is the final result,  served with some simple steamed veggies that I prepped while the pork chops were cooking.

Raspberry Pork Chops

Ready to give this one a spin?  Here is the easy 3 ingredient recipe:

Raspberry Pork Chops

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